Assistant Editors needed – live action vfx work in Toronto

Starz Animation Toronto is looking for 2 Assistant Editors for upcoming projects.

Contact me at lancelefort/at/hotmail/dot/com or at Lance.lefort/at/ to send a resume and connect.

Primary Responsibilities: The Assistant Editor receives, sorts and archives incoming material from applicable departments. He/She prepares material for delivery to departments and ensures that the most up-to-date information is delivered within required timeframes. The Assistant Editor ensures that members of the production team are kept up to date with editorial changes, and performs additional editing-related tasks as required.
Tasks Performed: • Receive incoming material (i.e. storyboard images, dialogue records, animation files, etc…) from applicable departments, import into editing software, and log and organize relevant details to ensure that required information is easily retrievable • Archive material (i.e. clips, cuts of sequences, etc…) • Perform regular backups of project and media. • Prepare material for delivery to various departments • Prepare QuickTime and DVD files of sequences for crew and Executive reference • Prepare reels for delivery to sound and music departments (i.e. QuickTime files, audio files, OMF files, Avid change notes, versioning documentation, etc…) • Prepare approved sequences for the animation production pipeline • Create storyboard assembly lists for the storyboard department • Etc… • Ensure that most up-to-date information is delivered to appropriate departments within required timeframes • Ensure that members of the production team are kept up to date with editorial changes • Prov
Essential Functions: • 3-5 years experience in the field of film/television editing and post-production, preferably within the CG animation industry • Completed post-secondary education in relevant area of study • Experience using Avid Media Composer or comparable editing software and working knowledge of the Avid Unity shared storage system • Superior organizational skills • Strong attention for detail with the ability to remain focused for long periods of time • Capable of working both independently under minimal direction as well as in a team • Strong technical proficiency with the ability to adapt to new and changing procedures and duties

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