Accountant needed – Production Accountant – video/film/animation/broadcast

Production Accountant
Reports to: Production Finance Manager

Reporting to Production Finance Manager: Manage accounting and financial progress of production in progress at the studio.

Production Budget Reports: Work with Producers to manage budgets. Prepare bi-weekly actualized budget reports and tie CTD (costs to date) to general ledger. Tie ETC (estimated costs to complete) to the latest production schedule. Analyze reasonableness of labor and non-labor allowances. Provide Accounting Manager each month with an updated cash flow forecast by month for all service projects.

Analysis/Scheduling: Prepare weekly footage charts. Tie actual productivity to production database. Tie future quota/productivity assumptions to latest production schedules and analyze for reasonableness. Assist Producers with staffing and production schedules. Collaborate with Producers and production management to forecast overages and identify bottlenecks in the pipelines. Ad-hoc analysis of production database statistics. Attend staffing meetings and collaborate with Producers to cost out potential changes and run scenarios.

Production Reports: Prepare and publish weekly production reports to Sr. Management and Production Management. Tie “Net Done to Date” to production database, and tie “Left to Do” quota schedules to the footage charts and budgeted headcount.

Timecard Process: Supervise collection, audit, and archival of timecards for production. Manage the process of harvesting and calculating OT, sick, vacation, and other exception hours from timecards, for summary and submission to corporate payroll.

Experience Required:

  • 3+ years experience Production Accounting in Animation Production (preferred) or Live Action Production.
  • Understanding of production accounting procedures.
  • Advanced Excel Skills
  • MS Office program
  • Experience with major accounting software a plus
  • Experience with accounting for inter-company transactions between multinational (US – Canada) entities a plus
  • Cost analysis, cash flow, cash management and financial statement preparation experience is essential.
    Flexibility and good organizational/scheduling skills are required in order to prioritize the demands of several projects and report in timely and accurate manner
    Strong attention to detail
    Proven ability to be discreet
  • Sense of humour.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please submit your resume and cover letter to me at LanceLeFort’at’


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